Des Arc is an historic town on the lower White River. The name “Des Arc” is translated from the French words “des Argues” and means the bow, bend or curve. The town of Des Arc was officially incorporated on December 28, 1854.

Industry Once a booming river port, early industries in the town and surrounding communities included trade via steamboat and railroad, fishing, timber and sawmills, and cotton farming and ginning. Today the chief industry is farming with the major crops being rice, soybeans, winter wheat, corn, and grain sorghum.

Points of Interest The town has several points of interest, including two parks overlooking the White River. Both have covered pavilions for outdoor picnics. One provides a concrete boat access to the White River and the other provides a playground for children. The Lower White River Museum State Park (LWRM) contains exhibits that interpret early Arkansas settlement, transportation routes, and the river-based economy including fishing and shelling. The Prairie County Log Cabin Museum next door to the LWRM is furnished to show a family’s way of life during early settlement days. Other points of interest include the Prairie County court house and a few historic buildings that can be viewed from the outside.

Outdoor Recreational Activities Because of Des Arc’s location near a large, rich wildlife environment, there are tremendous opportunities for activities such as bird watching, hunting, and fishing.

Local Community Activities Steamboat Days is an annual festival in June that provides entertainment and activities for all ages. Additionally, the town provides a youth sports program for all seasons, for ages 3 and up. The Des Arc Chamber of Commerce also sponsors several annual events such as an Awards Dinner to honor various citizens, an Open House of local businesses during the Christmas Holidays, and a Christmas Parade.

Visit Des Arc. You'll find friendly, hospitable people, and a wonderful place for you and your family to spend some time.

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